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When They Grow Up Let Them Glow

But before that shall be required to inherit knowledge and wisdom For that give them interesting books graded and planned according to their age group.

Give Them wings

Let them fly and flourish with our fascinating children books of myths and mythology from ancient Indian history. These books are colourful full illustrated and written in lucid style. When we conceived a publishing programmed for children that would entertain while it taught, we could not help but decide on presenting stories from our ancient Sanskrit works like the Epics Ramayana and Mahabharata, the Puranas and Panchtantra. The wisdom embodied in these works, we believe, remains eternally unmatched and universally relevant. We hope to help our young readers understand their own psyche and the psyche of their fellowmen better. This, we believe, will increase their awareness of the world they live in and its ways. To grip the imagination and attention of our readers, we decided upon a daring new layout with larger than life illustrations. The formula seems to be a success for our books which have slowly but steadily proved very popular all over the world.
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